Exclusive Access to an All Inclusive Luxury Vacation in The Dominican Republic

For years our travels throughout the Dominican Republic and the discovery of so many beautiful friends and scenic locations has inspired our family to create a luxury vacation company for the next generation of travelers to the Dominican Republic. The many close friendships developed and various stunningly exotic locations we have visited have deeply enriched our family's mind, body and soul. The need to share these enrichments with past, present and future travelers to the Dominican Republic has compelled our family to start a modern vacation luxury experience for you.




Lavish Elite Luxury Transportation was founded with a focused mission to give tourists a detailed guide of where to go, best accomodations to use, and what activities best suit your interest when visiting the Dominican Republic. Why waste valuable time when visiting this island paradise, having a road map to every exclusive upscale restaurant, villa, tour and entertainment venue will ensure your luxury all inclusive vacation in the Dominican Republic is uniquely memorable. Make your dreams come to life: Book a luxury vacation with Lavish Elite Luxury Now.

Lavish Elite Luxury Transportation was created for one purpose only, that purpose is to ensure that from your arrival until your departure you have a reliable, knowledgeable, friendly guide that will get you access to the most exclusive, lavish and luxury locations in the Dominican Republic. Take some time to explore the blog, and sign up for our free VIP membership, which will afford you access to the most exclusive luxury vacation experiences the Dominican Republic has to offer. Do not hesitate sign up and book your next vacation to the Dominican Republic with Lavish Elite Luxury.


Our company employs professionals in the area of transportation, luxury accommodation services, food preparation, and guided tours. Extensive and frequent training in each of these areas allows us to increase the safety of your luxury vacation. 



The major benefit of booking a luxury vacation with Lavish Elite Luxury is comfort.  Our company aims to provide elite luxury accommodations, service, and transportation that make you feel pampered. You are treated with respect and exceptional service when you book with Lavish Elite Luxury.




Our company prides itself on providing reliable and on-time service for every appointment. In addition you can rely on our adherence to all health safety protocols to ensure that while you are in our care, you will be protected at all times.





Satisfaction and good service is priceless. Although this saying is true Lavish Elite Luxury understands that the cost of a luxury vacation does not need to be astronomical. Enjoy a Lavish vacation at a cost effective price with Lavish Elite Luxury.