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Best of the Dominican Republic

You have been confined to your residence with few options outside your place of abode to unwind have fun and take a relaxing break from the traumatic events of 2020. Lavish Elite Luxury Vacation has the answer for your VRS (Vacation Restlessness Syndrome), an affordable luxury style all-inclusive vacation in the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic offers you a variety of vacation activities that fit any lifestyle, interest, or economic status.  Lavish Elite Luxury Vacation has curated a unique luxury based vacation experience specifically designed for you in the Dominican Republic.  An all-inclusive vacation is defined by the Quantity of Quality amenities that are readily available to vacationers at their chosen place of accommodation.  We recommend choosing an All-Inclusive luxury option when vacationing because of the accessibility, wide service variety, and comfort that is within your grasp 24 hours a day at your vacation accommodations. No need to search or travel far away from your accommodation location to discover quality amenities, having all that you need at fingertips at a moment’s beckon is a priceless option that will surely enhance your vacation experience.


Lavish Elite Luxury Vacations located in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic has built an all-inclusive vacation designed around three pillars:

  1. Lavish amenities

  2. Elite Service

  3. Luxury Accommodations and Transportation

What does the Dominican Republic have to offer?

The Dominican Republic is the second largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba being the largest. The country is home to many of the most beautiful natural landscapes, people, and cultural aspects.

Dominican Republic Natural Landscape

  • 29 National Parks                        

  • 27 Waterfalls                                

  • 27 Rivers                                     

  • Over 12 small islands and cayes

  • 12 Freshwater Lagoons              

  • 5 Mountain Ranges                     

  • 400 + Caves                               

  • 6000 +  Species of Plants          

  • 1000 Miles of exotic coastline    

Dominican Population & Demographics

  • Population approximately 11 Million people

  • Most populated City – Santo Domingo        

  • Diverse racial and ethnic mix to include Caucasian, African, and Indigenous people

Dominican Cultural Aspects

  • Courtesy and Hospitality remain core values of the population

  • Music and Dancing are heavily intertwined in the daily lives of most Dominicans

  • The Latin based Caribbean cuisine is definitely a unique part of the Dominican Culture

  • Most Dominicans are very religious with a vast majority of the population being active Roman Catholics and a smaller sect being protestant

When to take an All-Inclusive Vacation to the Dominican Republic?

A luxury vacation in the Dominican Republic should be on everyone’s bucket list.  The various beautiful beaches, sunny days, excellent food, extremely beautiful people and fascinating culture is definitely an enticing and motivating factor for tourist seeking a Caribbean based vacation location.  So when and particularly what season should you take an All Inclusive Vacation to the Dominican Republic. Peak Season runs from December – April and Off-Peak Season runs from June- November.  The difference between these periods is the Weather. The Dry Season (sunny with low humidity) weather is usually between December and April.  Usually North America and Europe are cold during these months and Dominican Republic is an exceptional choice for a vacation getaway from the Cold Weather on these continents.  Rainy Season (Less Sunshine, More Rain, and Higher Humidity) occurs between June - November.  Although this period sees a higher percentage of rain, there are many days of sunshine also during this season.  The only other disadvantage is that hurricane season is also prevalent during this time.  Travel price is usually higher during peak season, with lower rates more available during the off-peak season.

Lavish Elite Luxury is ready when you are to assist with booking your luxury all-inclusive vacation to the Dominican Republic. Our services are second-to-none and we provide you with a large range of Quality accommodation and transportation amenities, in addition to tours, activities, and special occasion requests.  Do not hesitate, schedule a Dominican Republic vacation consultation with us now.