This lavish service starts with our masseuse consulting with guests about  any medical ailments caused by stress or pain, to determine how massage therapy could be helpful in the alleviation of their described pain. Below are the techniques used to promote healing through massage therapy.

Application of finger and hand massage pressure to specific points of the body

Administer therapy treatments to patients using hands or physical treatment aids.

Assessment of clients' soft tissue condition, joint quality and function, muscle strength, and range of motion to determine which massage technique would be best to alleviate pain.

0ur masseuses provide guests with guidance and information about techniques for postural improvement through stretching, strengthening, relaxation, and rehabilitative exercises.

0ur masseuses also perform other adjunctive therapies or treatment techniques in addition to a massage for soothing relief of aching muscles and joints.

Administration of  therapy treatments to our guests using hands or physical treatment aids to relieve muscle and joint pain.

Preparation of oil blends with the application of those blended oils to skin for relaxation and soothing.