Image by Jeff Tumale

Our Elite Tour Guide's Service offering includes an array of VIP amenities that include:

1. Planning your daily travel and tour itineraries.

2. Familiarizing customers with the pertinent content and history of each locality visited during your tour.

3. Ensuring the overall safety of the group for the duration of the scheduled tour.

4. Our tour guides also provide awareness of new, temporarily closed, or issues occurring at attractions or locations that may be of interest to you, our valued customer.

5. Ensuring that our customers have an enjoyable luxury tour experience the tour guide service also includes

• Informing customers about the itinerary for each tour.

• Planning itineraries in accordance with weather forecasts and the length of each tour.

• Scheduling visits and purchasing tickets to protected parks, beaches, restaurants, night clubs and other attractions ahead of time.

• Planning alternate activities in the event that cancellations, closures, or weather prohibit you from attending scheduled tours and excursions .

• Gathering and maintaining the requisite equipment for each tour.

• Familiarizing our customers with the layout and history of the region or establishment in which the scheduled tour will be taken .

• And last but not least ensuring guests apply sunscreen regularly and also remain hydrated as bottled water and beverages are complimentary on our tours.