Welcome to Lavish Elite Luxury Transportation an Introduction into what we are all about

Lavish Elite Luxury is a unique transportation company located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. Our primary focus is to provide luxury transportation services to all visitors entering the Dominican Republic via airplane, cruise ship, or other ports of entry. Although our aforementioned primary focus is luxury transportation, our most used services are personal guided tours and detailed vacation planning for tourist planning or have recently booked a trip and getting ready to vacation in Dominican Republic. Imagine yourself going on vacation to a country that is unfamiliar to you, the onus is usually on the vacationer to make vacation plans either through reading reviews online or getting second hand advice from other travelers that have probably visited the Dominican Republic. Most new travelers learn their way around the Dominican Republic through trial and error, and Lavish Elite Luxury hopes to change this pattern by offering vacation planning consultations to all Dominican bound travelers who want to ensure that their vacation meets their

expectations. Our company's goal is to provide a roadmap of fun activities and venues that are of interest to your entire traveling group before your vacation begins. Our knowledgeable travel representatives are available to assist you right now with your All Inclusive Caribbean vacation planning from your embarkation into the Dominican Republic until your departure. We have striven to identify and establish relationships with only the most exclusive luxury hotels, restaurants, and entertainment establishments throughout the Dominican Republic. Our knowledge is your gain, we stand by our all of our vacation recommendations as our partner establishments are also a reflection of our high standards. The surest way to guarantee a fun filled vacation in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic is to utilize Lavish Elite Luxury Transportation Service, Personal Guided Tours (all English Speaking Staff), and our free detailed vacation planning services. We look forward to hearing from you soon as you embark on your next trip to paradise - The Dominican Republic.

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