◦ Our company strictly prohibits the use of alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medication that inhibit the cognitive or mechanical ability of our drivers to safely transport our valued customers. These terms extend to when the driver is either on the job, while on call or before a scheduled shift. Our company demands all drivers to be sober, and fully functional to operate a vehicle at all times when transporting valued customers of Lavish Elite Luxury Transportation.

◦ Safe and legal driving practices are expected at all times with or without passengers.

◦ All Chauffeurs are legally required to obtain and maintain an active chauffeur's license as required by law within the country borders of the Dominican Republic.

◦ Our drivers also complete vehicle safety classes, defensive driving courses, foul weather driving training and other requirements or specific experience before hiring and once a year thereafter.

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Our licensed personal chauffeur team are ready 24/7 to transport you our valued customer to and from any destination in a comfortable, safe and efficient luxury vehicle.

Our Elite Professional Personal Driver Service includes:

1. Consulting maps or navigation devices for desired routes, checking radio or online traffic and weather reports for departure and destination locations.

2. Our Chauffeurs advise our valued customer of any potential or existing adverse weather or traffic conditions and suggest alternative routes or travel time adjustments. Online research for the existence of en-route and destination hotels, restaurants, airports, rest areas, tolls, points of interest and details of all that apply.

3. Lavish Elite Luxury Transportation ensures that our fleet of cars are optimally maintained, cleaned for a spotless appearance and all safety checks passed before any trip.

Our Chauffeurs are trained to be mannerly and courteous in all driving and non-driving situations while on the job. Our company promotes and adheres to the highest livery service guidelines to includes:

◦  Good grooming and personal hygiene of all drivers.

◦ Clean and proper attire as instructed by the Dominican Republic Tourism Board.

◦ Calm, rational behavior and attitude under stressful driving conditions.


◦ Refraining from the use of inappropriate or abusive language and gestures during the duration of work hours.


◦ Our Personal chauffeurs follow instructions and requests without argument or complaint, and do not comment, engage or join in conversations of passengers without permission.