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4 room villa   $500 per night

Personal Chauffeur  $325 per day

Personal Butler  $150 Daily

Personal Concierge and Event Planner $150 Daily

2 person Minimum 8 person Maximum For 3 Nights Stay

 Total  $3375

20% DISCOUNT  = $2700

 **Optional**   Per Person All Inclusive Meal Plan with Personal Chef $100 a day

  ** Personal **    Per Person -Professional Masseuse (Daily 2 Hour Massage) 175 Per session

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✓ Tropical Weather
✓ Kid-Friendly Activities
✓ World-Renowned Beaches
✓ Delicious Latin Cuisines
✓ Natural and Wildlife Adventures
✓ Numerous Cultural Tourist Spots
✓ All-Day VIP Entertainment Options
✓ Favorable Exchange Rate

Consult a local vacation specialist to
plan a personalized luxury Caribbean holiday!

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We make your vacation dreams become a reality! You can personalize your Dominican excursions with the help of our bilingual vacation planning advisors and experience the vacation of a lifetime.


Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

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